Natural Cremation Urns

Honoring a Loved one and Nature

The term natural cremation urns is used quite often in the memorial industry in a number of different contexts. Since that can be confusing to a consumer, here are a few summaries of some things that websites, media and industry experts are often referring to when they talk about natural cremation urns.

The Natural Urn Material

A natural cremation urn can honor a loved one who valued nature and its beauty

Probably the most obvious use of the tern natural cremation urns is in regard to materials used. Natural cremation urns, in this context, are made from substances produced naturally – such as granite and marble – rather than from materials such as fiberglass or steel those are manufactured by man.

But, that said, this context is not always as straightforward as it seems. Many who are talking about natural cremation urns in this regard would not necessarily have granite and marble in mind. They may actually be referring to an urn made of biodegradable materials – such as wood or even strong paper – that would disperse naturally among the elements over time. While long lasting granite and marble are, indeed, natural products, many who are interested in natural cremation urns are not necessarily interested in stone products that will stand up to the elements for the ages.

The Natural Urn Design

Interestingly, in some contexts, urns made from steel or other manmade materials can sometimes earn the moniker natural cremation urns. These types of urns are natural, not because of the materials, but rather, because of their design. These natural cremation urns earn their title because they are molded into the form of some nature scene or an animal of some sort. These types of urns can, of course, be made from stone or wood or some other natural material, but they can, equally, be made from plastic or steel. And they do not necessarily have to be traditional cremation urns, either. In fact many lines of metal cremation jewelry are marketed as natural cremation urns simply because they are molded into the shape of animals. They are urns in the respect that they can store ashes, but these are nothing like a traditional urn. And, referring to them as natural cremation urns may seem, at first glance, a misnomer, but, when one considers their artistic ties to the natural world, the moniker does, indeed, make sense.

The Use of Natural Urns

Nature cremation urns are often made of biodegradable materials

Finally we arrive at another use of the term natural cremation urn that may not be necessarily obvious. These types of natural cremation urns are those that are to be used in nature somehow. These urns may, of course, be made of biodegradable materials designed to breakdown relatively quickly so as to be friendly to the environment. But they also can very be made of such manmade materials as bronze or steel, intended to be displayed in an outdoor, natural, setting for the ages. These types of permanent natural cremation urns have been known to be installed as tribute to great naturalists along, for example, favorite nature trails and made from metallic materials that are designed to last the ages.

So, again, the term natural cremation urn’s many shades of meaning can be confusing – and even somewhat contradictory at times – but we hope this little guide clears things up a little for the next time you hear someone talk about natural cremation urns.