Angel Cremation Urns

An Angelic Touch for Any Memorial

In the vast array of designs for cremation urns, angel cremation urns are among the most popular choices for many families. Whether it be because the surviving family believes in the power of angels, or they simply wish to honor the beliefs of their dearly departed, angel urns for ashes can offer a unique and heart warming remembrance. With their connection to the world of the spirit, they can offer much more than meets the eye. Below are some interesting ideas and facts about angels that are especially relevant to angel cremation urns.

How Angels differ from Humans:

Experts in Christianity tell us that Angels are actually, in the realm of heaven, one step below that of humans. To understand this, one can compare angels to, say, guide dogs for the blind. The dogs consistently guide their charges in a good direction, but their companion is under no obligation to follow the lead. Even though angels are said to be messengers directly from God, it is the human, not the angel, that God is most interested in, the experts say. Humans are imperfect, whereas angels are humble but infallible. With this difference, God can test and measure the spiritual worthiness of a human by simply observing interactions with angels.

Angel cremation urns, therefore, can be an especially comforting tribute to a loved-one’s memory. By invoking the image of an angel in connection to a loved-one, angel cremation urns can be a permanent reminder of the goodness of the loved-one’s soul that has most certainly followed angels, such as those depicted on the angel cremation urn, all the way to eternal perfection with God in Heaven.

How Angels rank in the Spiritual World:

Over the centuries, theologians and philosophers have attempted to define and rank the various types of figures in the spiritual world. An age old Roman Catholic text, for example, says there are nine classes of spiritual beings (listed from highest to lowest) Seraphs, Cherubs, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. And still other famous names, such as philosopher-theologian Thomas Aquinas, have come up with even more complicated – sometimes conflicting – lists that have been studied for centuries.

Modern day theologians tend to avoid being caught up in ranking spiritual beings such as angels and, instead, focus on their role with humans. (The assumption apparently being that we humans can never hope to understand the inner workings of heaven until we arrive there, so understanding how angels rank in that world is a mostly irrelevant venture.) The important thing to remember about angels is that, no matter where they rank in heaven, they bring the infallible word of God to humans on Earth. It is then up to the humans to follow the word that the angels bring. The other spiritual beings in heaven, perhaps, play various other roles in helping God to judge how humans follow his word but, really, a much better understanding of the spiritual world – an understand that will likely be forever unavailable to mortal humans – is required to know that with certainty. Whatever their rank in the spiritual world, angels are a direct communication link with that world for humans. So angels are, unquestionably, a fitting symbol for a cremation urn. By simply looking at an angel urn, a human can stay connected for eternity with his loved-one.

Incorporating one’s religious beliefs into a memorial tribute can have great healing advantages for many reasons. One prevailing thought is that the religious effigy on the final memorial can not only protect the lost loved one’s final earthly remains, but also guide their spirit to Heaven. In another way, the angel can be a comforting reminder to surviving friends and family of the goodness in the heart of their dearly departed, and the positive effect they had in the lives of those they met. And one of the most important and heartwarming effects of the angelic urn is that they are a beautiful assurance that the lost individual is finally at home with the angels.