Cremation Ashes

Information on Cremation Ashes

Cremation ashes are known today by a variety of pseudonyms intended to be at least a small comfort for people who have recently lost a loved one and are confronted with the fact that their loved-one’s body has been reduced to its eternal state. But, no matter whether they are referred to as “cremation remains,” “cremains,” or simply “ashes,” cremation ashes have a deep spiritual quality about them that assures they will always be universally treasured and honored. And, because of this property of spirituality, the many new innovations that have come about involving cremation ashes can usually be expected to invoke feelings of great emotion. Here is just a brief overview of some of the many, in some cases very surprising, products and services available today that involve cremation ashes, which can help cope with the loss of a loved one.

There are many ways to create a dignified tribute with cremation ashes

Cremation urns today are more than simply containers in which to store cremation ashes. These beautiful pieces are truly works of art that can capture the spirit of a deceased’s personality perfectly. And the variety of cremation urn styles that the modern memorial industry makes available to even the smallest of budgets is truly breathtaking. Cremation ashes can be permanently stored in elaborately designed vestibules made from glass, bronze, marble, steel, or even ceramic materials, and these pieces are often created as mini-sculptures designed to pay tribute to the life and spirit of the person whose cremation ashes they will hold forever. There are also many different themes of cremation urns, which can capture the essence of a loved one’s personality. Sport urns for ashes, for example, feature different elements of sports, such as baseballs, footballs, golfing to name a few. Hobby Urns feature motorcycle tanks, deer (for hunters), or even book shaped containers for avid readers. On the other hand, there is an endless variety of traditional urns that are in a simple vase or box shape, which offer a timeless appearance. Many people in today’s world have been known to purchase their own cremation urn years in advance of their death and display them proudly in their homes – as they would any piece of fine art – in order to appreciate the legacy that they are themselves destined to leave for the world.

Cremation jewelry is yet another, perhaps surprising, tool for protecting and promoting the spiritual quality of cremation ashes. These, often meticulously designed and crafted pieces include small crevices in which a person can store small amounts of a loved-one’s cremation ashes. Many designs are intended to hide the fact that the pieces contain cremation ashes, while others prominently display the cremation ashes (and even feature an engraving that pays further tribute to the deceased). Whether the wearer intends to be discrete about the display of the ashes is entirely irrelevant to the main purpose of any cremation jewelry: to assure that the spirit behind the cremation ashes themselves will be preserved for generations in a respectful and powerful way.

Cremation art is the combination of an original work of art with cremation ashes

Still, more surprising new ideas have come about in recent years that allow family members to preserve the spiritual quality of cremation ashes in an amazingly creative ways. One of the most startling of these new innovations is a service called Art in Ashes in which an artist mixes a small amount of cremation ashes into an abstract painting that reflect the endearing qualities of the deceased’s soul. This service has recently become available and is attracting attention because of its uniqueness. Similarly, artists of other media have found ways to incorporate cremation ashes into their own work. Some glass blowers now will mix a small portion of cremation ashes into a glass sculpture they have designed, and ceramic artists have even been known to mix cremation ashes into their materials as they prepare them for the kiln. And, finally, some daring and very creative tattoo artists have begun offering to incorporate cremation ashes into their own work. Whereas it has long been common for people to preserve their loved one’s spirit with a special memorial tattoo, the idea of incorporating cremation ashes into such a work of art has only recently become acceptable. In previous years concerns about the advisability of injecting a foreign biological substance into a body had all-but made tattoos with cremation ashes an impractical idea. But sanitation technology has developed to the point that cremation ashes can now – under very strict conditions – be safely mixed with tattoo ink to create what many consider to be the perfect form of memorial tribute. (It should be noted that not all tattoo artists are equipped or trained to provide this service safely, so consumers should proceed with extreme caution if they intend to hire an artist to create a tattoo that includes cremation ashes.). As with Art in Ashes, all of these services can be customized in many ways, and that makes them perfect for capturing the spiritual properties of the person whose cremation ashes they are preserving.

For any grieving family member who is coping with the loss of their beloved, cremation ashes are an important spiritual link to the past – and the future. That’s why it can be comforting to know that there are many options available for making sure the spiritual qualities of cremation ashes can be preserved and protected through the ages.